Lauren Brogdon’s 2023 Pro Bono Testimonial

🌟 Celebrating Our Pro Bono Champion: Lauren Brogdon, Partner at Haynes and Boone, LLP 🌟
In a world where justice can seem elusive, there are extraordinary individuals like Lauren Brogdon who dedicate their lives to making it a reality. For years, she has selflessly championed the cause of domestic violence survivors, helping them break free from the chains of abuse.
Breaking Chains, One Divorce at a Time!
“I’ve intentionally focused my pro bono work on helping other survivors obtain protective orders, divorces, and custody of their children. It’s an honor to be able to assist these clients as they embark on a new chapter of their lives and break from the trauma of their past experiences. I didn’t have any family law experience besides what I had learned for the bar exam. But HVL provides its volunteers with resources, forms, and mentorship to allow them to succeed and of course in turn for their clients to succeed as well.”
Every divorce she helps secure is a step toward a brighter, safer future for these survivors.
This Pro Bono Week let’s celebrate this incredible Pro Bono Champion. Share her story and help inspire more pro bono attorneys to get involved today.