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Houston Volunteer Lawyers

Houston Volunteer Lawyers is the largest provider of pro bono legal services in Harris County and the surrounding areas. Thousands of private attorneys volunteer their time and expertise each year to provide free legal assistance on civil legal matters to eligible, low-income area residents. This pro bono model only works thanks to the dedication of the entire legal community in Harris County and the surrounding areas. HVL is especially thankful for the long-standing relationship with the Houston Bar Association that has resulted in millions of dollars of donated pro bono time from its members for 40+ years.

2022-2023 Year in Review

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Family Law Matters


Housing Matters


Estate Planning and Probate Matters


All Other Civil Matters

To participate, applicants complete an online application to determine eligibility. The client is then offered either extended representation, a one-time phone consultation or a referral to another agency better suited to address the specific needs of the client. Pro bono attorneys are critical to this process by providing the legal assistance needed. HVL staff attorneys serve as mentors for all volunteers and can help as needed to provide guidance as to procedural steps and access to resources necessary to assist the clients. 

The HVL Board of Directors and staff join the thousands of clients helped each year in expressing thanks to the many Texas licensed attorneys who donate their time, talent, and expertise to bridge the legal gap.

Financial Disclosures

Our Mission

Promoting access to justice for individuals in the Houston area by assisting those who cannot afford legal representation in civil matters.

We advance this mission by:

  • Connecting those in need of legal assistance with volunteer lawyers.
  • Inspiring, supporting, and empowering lawyers to volunteer their services.
  • Working in the community through strategic partnerships to provide legal information, education, and support.

Our History

Founded in 1981 by the Houston Bar Association, Houston Volunteer Lawyers has delivered free legal services to low-income residents of Harris County and the surrounding areas for 40+ years by linking qualified applicants with attorneys who volunteer their time on a pro bono basis. Houston Volunteer Lawyers helps many individuals that other programs often cannot serve, such as those who may not meet the financial criteria of other legal assistance programs and non-US citizens. Over 3,000 attorneys volunteer each year, making a difference in the lives of low-income clients, their families, and communities.