Elizabeth Pagel Receives Prestigious Harry M. Reasoner Justice for All Award

Elizabeth Pagel, a longtime HVL volunteer, was awarded the Harry M. Reasoner Justice for All Award. The Texas Access to Justice Commission presented the award to Elizabeth at the Champions of Justice Gala on April 25, 2024. This accolade recognizes individuals who demonstrate unwavering commitment to providing pro bono legal services to low-income Texans while fostering a culture of pro bono within the legal profession.

Elizabeth’s journey as a pro bono attorney commenced from the very moment she received her licensure, and her dedication to serving the Houston community has never wavered. Specializing in family law, Elizabeth has been a beacon of hope for countless individuals facing dire circumstances. Since her first case in 2006, she has tirelessly represented numerous clients, predominantly low-income women with limited access to resources.

The impact of Elizabeth’s work extends far beyond the courtroom. She not only provides legal representation but also serves as a mentor and guide for young volunteers and budding attorneys navigating the complexities of family law. Her wealth of knowledge and extensive experience have been instrumental in securing positive outcomes for clients and nurturing the next generation of legal advocates.

Despite the arduous nature of her caseload, Elizabeth’s enthusiasm for service remains unyielding. Her final words upon closing a case, “I’m ready for another one,” encapsulate her unwavering commitment to her clients’ welfare and the pursuit of justice. Moreover, Elizabeth’s willingness to step in as co-counsel when challenges arise underscores her selflessness and dedication to ensuring that every individual receives the legal support they deserve.

Elizabeth Pagel exemplifies the finest qualities of a pro bono attorney—compassion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to justice. Through her tireless efforts, she has profoundly impacted the lives of countless individuals, providing them with the legal representation they need to navigate challenging circumstances.

As we congratulate Elizabeth on this well-deserved honor, we also extend our heartfelt gratitude for her years of service and dedication to advancing the cause of justice. Her legacy serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the profound impact that one individual can have in creating a more just and equitable society. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all that you do.