Free Interpreters for Lawyers

We are pleased to announce free telephonic, document, video, and court interpreter services for HVL cases!  If you already are handling a pro bono case from Houston Volunteer Lawyers for a non-English speaker, go to the "My Open Cases" section of our Volunteer Portal to download the instruction packet and get started.  

We are able to offer this service thanks to the new Language Access Fund of the State Bar of Texas.  The service will be available as long as Language Access Fund dollars remain. 

The most commonly used service will be telephonic interpretation – through which you can talk with both your client and an interpreter at the same time via three-way calling or speakerphone. Document translation, video interpretation, and court interpreter services are also available with pre-approval from the State Bar.

We hope that the availability of this new service will encourage you to accept a pro bono matter for someone who is not comfortable taking care of his or her legal needs in English.  

Thank you for helping bridge the language gap and making justice happen for so many who need it.

Houston Volunteer Lawyers

Posted: December 3, 2013