Saturday Legal Advice Clinic-Ripley House

Location: Ripley House, located at 4410 Navigation Blvd, Houston 77011

Time: 8:00AM-12:00PM

Walk-in only. First 75 people in line will be seen. First come,first serve. We suggest you arrive early to secure your spot.

At a legal adviceclinic, applicants meet with a licensed Texas attorney one-on-one and recieve free legal advice on their legal issue. The clinics are open to anyone needing legal advice. Individuals needing continued representation beyond the legal advice clinic generally must be residents of the Greater Houston area and have a household income of 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines

Saturday legal advice clinics are held twice monthly at various locations.

Please check Events page for other upcoming legal advice clinics.

Spanish-langauage translators are available in-person during the clinic. For other langauges, translators are available via telkephone. Persons who need other reasonable accomodations should call 713-228-0735 or email