What Resources Does HVL Provide Volunteers?

HVL makes pro bono easy!  We provide:


HVL staff attorneys are charged with helping HVL’s pro bono volunteers.  Staff attorneys are present at every HVL clinic and also are assigned to every pro bono case.  Volunteers with HVL pro bono matters receive the direct contact information of their staff attorney mentor in their initial case referral packet. 

In addition, HVL and the HBA Family Law Section have established a formal family law mentor program that connects law firms and corporate legal departments with experienced private family lawyers. 

Forms and Legal Resources

A host of forms and topical resources are available to volunteers via the Portal.  Login and choose “My Open Cases” from the Main Menu.  Select a matter that is open under your name, and links to all available resources will appear at the bottom of the screen.  You may also contact any HVL staff attorney for help finding or using a form or legal resource.


HVL provides numerous training and CLE opportunities throughout the year.  Opportunities are posted on the HVL website, distributed via the HVL e-newsletter, and posted on the Portal.

In addition, HVL is happy to provide tailored training seminars and workshops at your firm upon request.  Simply contact our Pro Bono Department if you are interested.

Free Interpreters

HVL is proud to be an approved provider of the State Bar’s Language Access services.  A volunteer with an active HVL case can access free telephonic (1-800-number) interpreter services for any language at any time (including American Sign Language).  Also available by request are document translation and in-court interpreter services.  Instructions are available on the Portal and are included in the initial case referral packet when applicable.

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