Document Assembly

HVL has worked on making more forms available to our volunteers in coordinated fields. These have all been developed by staff using HotDocs and are hosted on LawHelpInterActive's servers for use by Legal Aid Staff and Pro Bono Volunteers.

Answer files can be saved on LawHelp Interactive's (LHI) servers to allow for future edits. To save an answer file for future use, you will need a free LHI account (which you can create here, make sure to choose "Advocate" as the account type, and then select "Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program, Inc." from the organization list). Forms can be generated and emailed to a recipient without the creation of an LHI account. 

NOTE, these forms all designed for an attorney answering these questions to the assistance of either a represented client or a pro se litigant. These forms will not explain legal terms or concepts in the questions but depend on the attorney's existing knowledge to answer them. 

Family Law

Pro Se Divorce Forms (Forms)

  • This is an all-inclusive document assembly program that includes the various Texas Law Help divorce form sets (A through D), ancillary forms (Civil Case Information Sheet, Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Costs, Notice of Pro Se Appearance), etc. The documents can be done either individually or as a full set.  

Family Preparedness Planning (Forms

  • This is a preparation packet for undocumented parents of minor children. It includes Powers of Attorney, Consents to Travel, and Authorization Agreement for Voluntary Caregiver. 

Gender Marker Change (Forms)

  •  This is a document packet that produces the Petition and Order for a Name and Gender Marker Change. The Civil Case Information Sheet and the Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Costs are also generated. 

Estate Planning

Statutory Estate Planning (Forms)

  • This is a comprehensive estate planning document assembly tool that includes a long list of forms: TODD, TODD Cancellation, Declaration of Guardian (and for Minor Child), Disposition of Remains, Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney (and for Minor Child), Authorization Agreement for Voluntary Caregiver, Directive to Physicians and HIPAA Release (and for Minor Child). It also includes the Family Preparedness documents mentioned above (Power of Attorney for Minor Child and Consents to Travel), as well as Supported Decision Making Agreement and a Supported Decision Making Agreement Release. HVL's standard instruction letter is a final option. 

Landlord Tenant 

Pro Se Dispute Forms (Forms)

  • This allows for the generation of letters and forms for a pro se tenant to send to a landlord in a repair or casualty loss situation. 

Ongoing Development

HVL is currently working on additional forms and resources for our volunteer attorneys. If you have any questions about the existing forms or have any suggestions or comments about this program, please reach out to Michael Hofrichter.

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