Case Representation Clinic

Introducing: Case Representation Clinic


Full Representation Impact; Limited Scope Package


How it Works:


We Make It Easy …


Step 1.         Select a Project.  Choose from Family, Guardianship, Title Clearing (Harvey), or Tax.  Other Projects in development.

Step 2.         Recruitment CLE (optional).  CLE will introduce HVL’s clients and how to overcome the practical barriers to providing legal services, will provide an overview of the project, and will discuss HVL’s available resources.

Step 3.         Phase 1 CLE.  HVL will provide a substantive nuts-and-bolts CLE that will explain the first steps of the case representation to a natural pause.

Step 4.         Complete Phase 1.  HVL provides annotated templates and other resources to assist your volunteers in completing the first phase of the case.

Step 5.         Office Hours.  HVL hosts office hours on-location to answer your volunteers’ question, review documents, and assist with other concerns.  Generally, office hours held about 4-6 weeks after the CLE.


Repeat Steps 3-5, as necessary. 


All current projects are completed in two phases.  The next phase is generally scheduled approximately 8-12 weeks after the previous phase.  Project length varies depending on the type of case and when CLEs are scheduled.  Most projects are expected to complete within 3-6 months.


… You Make Justice Happen.



If you are interested in hosting a Case Representation Clinic,

please contact Jessie Campbell, Pro Bono & Outreach Director, at

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