FEMA Disaster Assistance

Important deadline: You have 60 days from the date of the disaster declaration (2/19/21) to apply for FEMA assistance. The deadline to apply for assistance for recovery from this disaster (DR-4586-TX) is April 20, 2021.


Applying for Assistance

To apply for FEMA disaster assistance, go to DisasterAssistance.gov and submit your zip code. If your zip code is has been declared for individual assistance, you'll have the ability to apply online.  This may give you access to financial aid which can be used for things like temporary housing, repairs, and low-interest loans. FEMA assistance is available in other languages upon request.


Application Checklist

Before you start your FEMA application, please have the information below and a pen and paper ready.


Social Security Number

You, another adult member or minor child in your household must have a Social Security number. You or they must also be a U.S. citizen, non-citizen national, or qualified alien.

If you don't have a Social Security number, read the article How do I apply for a new or replacement Social Security number card. You will get instructions on what to do and what documents you will need.


Insurance Information

Describe the type(s) of insurance coverage you have. This could include coverage under policies like homeowners, flood, automobile, or mobile home insurance.


Damage Information

Describe the damage caused by the disaster. Include the type of disaster (like flood, hurricane, or earthquake) and the type of dwelling or vehicle (like a condo, mobile home or house, or a car or truck).


Financial Information

Provide your total annual household income, before taxes, at the time of the disaster.


Contact Information

Provide the address and phone number of the property where the damage occurred and the address and phone number of where we can reach you now.


Direct Deposit Information (optional)

If approved, we can deposit your funds directly into your bank account. You just need to provide the following banking information:

  • Bank name
  • Type of account (like checking or savings)
  • Routing number
  • Account number


NEED HELP? If you need help with the application, please call FEMA at one of the phone numbers below.

For help with your application or to apply by phone for FEMA assistance, call:

  • 1‑800‑621‑3362 (also for 711 and VRS)
  • TTY 1‑800‑462‑7585

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